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Adelina Jacqueline Vinciguerra was born to Anthony and Diane on Tuesday December 13th, 2005, at St. Luke’s Hospital in Newburgh, NY just in time for Christmas. Adelina was born 6.8lbs. and left the hospital 6.2lbs. on Thursday December 15th, 2005 for home. Once she arrived it was as if she was always here. We spent the next few months allowing Adelina to teach us about life, never knowing that it was going to be only 85 days. The memories that were to be created were immediate. From the very first night, she taught us what were to become her rituals of feeding, bath time, swaddling and placing her down to sleep, and sometimes repeating. Adelina was truly an angelic baby, she hardly ever cried and both Diane and I could count on one hand the number of times she kept us up with her through the night. She seemed to adapt quickly to a lifestyle of sleeping through the night. It was as if she was to good to be true.

We the parents of Adelina have decided to honor the life of our daughter by sharing with all of you what we so selfishly know. The love that she gave us in her life has allowed us the strength to provide this information to you. Our family and friends have played a major role in the success of this site and it is only in Adelina’s spirit that we find the strength to continue our efforts. Our mission is to honor our daughters Adelina’s life and to share with the family of each child that passes away from SIDS, the tools to cope and deal with such a devastating loss. We are committed to providing financial support to families of SIDS children who cannot afford the expense of burying their child, with the funding to do so. While realizing that our efforts will never replace the loss of our precious daughter Adelina, it is in Adelina’s memory we have chosen to commit to future families and children of SIDS.