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grieving father's timeline
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Imagine you see your baby. You touch Her
You kiss Her, You love Her
Imagine Her first step

Her first tooth, her first word

Imagine the joy

Her first birthday, Her first day of school, Her first test

Imagine Her first boyfriend, Her first best friend, Her first prom

You feed Her, you bathe Her, you teach Her how to love and be loved
Patience, Compassion, Understanding

You pray for Her success
Her health, Her happiness, Her life

You can't wait to see Her in the morning, she wakes
You feed Her, You Bathe Her, You dress Her, You love Her
You kiss Her goodbye

Now imagine you can never do that again. This is what happened to one of our
family at the St. Lukes Cornwall Hospital, Diane and Anthony Vinciguerra lost
their beautiful daughter on March 7, 2006 at the age of 2 1/2 months to SIDS.

Take a moment
Ask yourself
What really is important?
Does it compare?

Put one of your problems on a piece of paper -one issue-one complaint -then trade it with Diane.

The operating room Pain Management,Emergency room and Endo have all worked with Diane and are asking for prayers for the Vinciguerra Family.


Author & Godmother: Sue Patel